Due to the current Covid pandemic the club doesn’t have access to its normal home venue for training or matches. The club has secured training for its adult sections as the league looks to commence from 26th September. Captains will inform members of training details. Home fixtures for the initial weeks of the season will take place at the University of Sussex Sports Complex. Please can opposition teams check carefully what venue you are due to attend. Details of our temporary home venue can be found below:

University of Sussex, Falmer

Falmer Sports Complex, University of Sussex, Pavilion Road, BN1 9PL | Reception: 01273 877125


Parking is very limited at the complex, and regulated through the day, 7 days a week. All cars MUST be parked in a designated bay. If there are no available spaces, then users must park in an alternative car park on the Sussex main campus and walk to the pitch. All access signs must be obeyed, as emergency access must be maintained at all times. There are no parking charges at evenings and weekends.

 Arrival / Departure 

– To ensure social distancing is maintained, all users must not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of their booking. Participants arriving earlier than this MUST remain in their vehicle until 10 minutes before their booking time. 

– Users may congregate in designated areas 10 minutes before their booking, to organise teams and do admin, to ensure maximum use of the pitch booking. Current Government distancing rules MUST be observed while waiting. 

– Designated areas will be indicated, ensuring waiting does not occur near walkways to and from the pitch. 

– After your booking has finished, all participants must leave the pitch immediately, and leave the premises promptly. There should be no congregating after activity on the premises. 

– Travel to and from the venue should follow current Government distancing guidelines. 

– If no car park spaces are available, then the overflow car park on Eastern ring road (at the bottom of the hill to the complex) must be used. Pedestrians should use the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road to walk to the pitches, and the LEFT HAND SIDE to return to the cars, creating a one way system. 

– All car park and access signs MUST be observed. 

Pitch Access 

– Only the designated (main) entrance may be used for each pitch.

– Once accessing the pitch, there will be clearly marked areas for belongings to be left. Ensure that all your groups belongings are kept to one area, to allow other areas to be used by other groups, either before or after your session. 

– You must not enter the pitch until the time of your booking. At the end of your booking, you must exit the pitch as quickly as possible. 

– Use the hand sanitisers before and after using the pitches 

Change Over Time 

– When waiting for your session, you must wait outside of the pitch area, until the time of your session (for example, 7pm, NOT 6.55pm to start for 7). Upon entering the pitch, please call out that it is time, to inform the playing group to finish, and proceed to an EMPTY marked zone for belongings. 

– The playing group must finish immediately, and proceed to their belongings in their designated zone. All belongings should be picked up and players should exit the pitch, before changing footwear/clothes away from the pitch. 

– Ensure all belongs are taken at the end of the session. All rubbish MUST be disposed of in the appropriate bins provided. 

 Toilets/Changing Facilities 

– There will be no changing facilities or showers available. The main building will not be accessible, except to make payments or to get assistance from a staff member eg. Enquiries or first aid) 

– Gender neutral toilets will be open in the building (Labelled team changing rooms), clearly signposted. 

– Water fountains/vending machines are out of action, please ensure you bring your own drinks as needed. 

Hospitality / Teas

Unfortunately we are unable to offer teas and hospitality at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Help keep yourself and others safe by following the guidelines.

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