After careful consideration your Vice Chair and Chair have taken the decision that we should not go ahead with the planned AGM, Awards night and Social planned for next week at the Football Club.  We felt on balance that the potential risks in the current climate were too great. If anybody that attended subsequently tested positive for Covid 19 then all who attend and their families are likely to have to self-isolate with the consequences that could have for start of the new school year, work and businesses. On balance the current risks outweighed the benefits of organising a club event.  We have deliberately assessed the situation as close to the proposed date as reasonably possible in order to make an informed decision.

We will look to hold an awards night and social as soon as is practically possible in the new season.

As regards the AGM I am not aware of the need to increase the subs or match fees for the coming season so would propose we continue with the current levels.

Regarding club posts I can advise you we currently have the following vacant posts:

  • Umpire coordinator
  • Junior match/tournament organiser

We invite volunteers for those posts. We also give club members 14 days to propose people for any of the posts we have. Then in order for the club to function in these unprecedented times I am proposing that all those currently in post (that wish to continue) are automatically re-elected unless there are any nominations for posts then we would hold a postal type ballot.

I know you may well be disappointed with the decision to cancel this event but members health and safety must come first.

Alan Brundle (Club Chair)

Hailsham Hockey Club Committee is currently made up from the following positions:

  • The Chair – Alan Brundle
  • Vice Chair- Tony Hayes
  • Club Captain – Nat Hayes and John Bartlett
  • Honorary Secretary- Alison Headey
  • Honorary Treasurer – Geoff Farnes
  • Honorary Press and Publicity Secretary –
  • Honorary Fixture Secretaries – Michelle Page
  • Hockey Development Officer – Sue Cable
  • Welfare Officer – Heidi Attwood
  • Digital Marketing and Communications Officer – Michelle Page
  • Umpires Secretary – VACANT
  • Team Captains – Alex Smith, Sam Headey (men’s 1s)/ John Bartlett (men’s 2s)/ Helen Dudley (ladies 1s)/ Michelle Evers & Karrie Agnew (Ladies 2s)
  • Millers (Junior Hockey) Manager – Sue Cable
  • Disciplinary Officer – Dan Ivemy

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